Do guests need to login?

Guests can sign up on your sheet without a login. Make sure to send people the "Public URL" as this gives them special access. Guests can't manage or edit your account. Only the account holder needs a login.

How do I share my sign up sheet?

On your sign up sheet look to the right column for "Share this Sheet" which let's you share your sheet with anyone. There is an option to send a link to people through email, a website, blog, etc... As well as sending a link to your Facebook or Twitter accounts, or embedding a sign up sheet directly within your website.

Will guests receive email reminders?

Yes, guests can choose whether they want an email reminder. Email reminders are automatically sent 2 days before the event. Please note this feature only works if your event has a date, and if people include their email.

Will I receive email updates when people use my sign up sheet?

Yes, you can choose to receive individual, daily, weekly, or no updates. Login to your account, look in the upper right corner for the "Manage Account" link. Go there to change your email preferences.

Can guests change their choice after signing up?

Only admins can make changes to sign up sheets. Guests should contact the admin (through the sign up sheet) to make a change or remove them from an item.

Are guests able to add items on my sign up sheet?

By default guests can't add new items to your sign up sheet. But you can change this setting for each sheet. Go to your sign up sheet and look in the right column for "Sheet Controls".

Will guests see each other's names?

You can choose to show or hide people's names on your sheet. But you can change this setting for each sheet. Go to your sign up sheet and look in the right column for "Sheet Controls". Choose yes to show, or no to hide.

As the admin you will always see people's names. But if you choose to hide names, other people will only see the items on your sheet. Chosen items will show as blank. Available items will have a sign up button.

Am I able to include instructions or event details?

Yes, the notes field can be used for information such as delivery address, sign up instructions, event location, driving directions, arrival time, etc... You can write pretty much whatever you want in the notes field.

Can I require guests to provide their phone number and email?

Yes you can choose to require an email and/or phone number when people sign up. This information is only visible to the account owner. It cannot be seen by other guests.

Will there be ads on my sign up sheets?

We do not display ads.

May I have multiple event organizers/admins on my account?


Can I add multiple dates to a sign up sheet?


Is it possible to copy a sheet?


Can I export my sheets to Excel (XLS) format?


Can people see a list of all my sign up sheets?

You can share the link to all your sheets, or share just the one sheet you want people to see.

Is there a way to Archive or Hide Sheets?

Yes. You can archive and reactivate sheets anytime. Archiving is a helpful way to store sheets for later use.

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